About Koh Tao

Sunshine Divers is situated on the northern tip of beautiful Chalok Baan Kao, one of Koh Tao's most stunning beaches.

Ideally situated, the resort is close to supermarkets, viewpoints, ATM machines, medical facilities, bars and restaurants. From our beachfront dive shop location you will be able to enjoy the stunning view across the bay taking in the famous 'Grandfather Rock' on the headland and Ang Thong Marine Park on the horizon, the inspiration behind the book and film "The Beach".

The beach is perfect for swimming and snorkelling, or alternatively just to relax and soak up the sun. In the evening you can enjoy the 'Easy Bar' where you are guaranteed some ecclectic tunes to accompany your cocktails. The perfect venue for meeting new friends.

Assava Dive Resort
Thailand has its seasons - Hot and Dry &Rainy

The weather in Koh Tao:

February - May

Is our hot and dry season. We have blue skies, hot and sunny days. Air temperature can reach as high as 36 degrees celcius in high humidity. The water temperature can reach 30 degree celcius or more.

May - October

Is after our hot season and some much needed wind comes in to cool our little island down.We refer to this as our windy season. The temperature is still hot with a high of around 34 degrees celcius. The ocean is around 29 degrees celcius and cools down toward the end of the windy season.

Oct - February

Is our rainy season also known as our Monsoon season.  November tends to be when the heavy rain hits and its about two hours of heavy rain and   generally overcast. The rest of the season is light rain, with air temperatures ranging from 26 to 30 degrees celcius and the water temperature drops to around 26 degrees celcius.