Koh Tao Community 22nd April 2017 Earth Day Event

A fantastic Day caring for our planet supported by the local community on Koh Tao.

Earth Day 1

Sunshine Divers Adopt the Reef Dive Site - Lighthouse Bay was our focus and majority collected was plastic bottles. We then continued to GreenRock dive site and found that there was little plastic yet more fishing line and netting around the pinnacles.

Adopt a Reef

As we help celebrate Project AWARE’s 25th Anniversary, there is no better time to lend a hand by tackling the issue of marine debris. Like many other PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Centres, at Sunshine Divers we integrate reef conservation in our everyday activities. Now our team has taken the next step toward a cleaner underwater environment – we’ve “Adopted a Reef”. This means that we have committed not only to cleaning our reef, but to regularly recording and sharing the rubbish-collecting data with Project Aware. It is a fairly straight forward initiative if you’re interested in joining the movement. 

Adopt the ReefStep One: Make the commitment. It’s not a one-off clean-up (although that is still a great thing to organise), rather it is a repeated effort to visit the same reef at regular intervals. This helps good intention evolve into scientific practice.

Step Two. Clean, clean, clean. With guidelines from Project Aware, organised underwater cleans-ups can be conducted in a safe, responsible and fun manner. Even better, divers returning to Koh Tao and our local dive sites year after year, will now be able to see their hard work making a difference in the exact same stretch of reef.

Step Three: Record and report. With some very simple tools and forms (free of charge and downloadable on projectware.org), the type and quantity of trash removed now needs to be shared. By recording and reporting, this information can now be used by the Project AWARE team to make policy change. We also keep our online community involved by sharing these clean-up stories on our My Oceans page www.projectaware.org

Citizen science is the way forward on route to a cleaner reef. If you do take the leap and “Adopt a Reef”, we hope you have as much fun as we have at Sunshine Divers organising regular events for guests and staff. Together we can make a difference.  

AWARE Shark Conservation!

The Project AWARE Shark Conservation specialty is something every diver or professional should have if you ask me (Dutch instructor at Sunshine). Its a very informative, interested and amazing course. I had the honor to get taught by Marine biologist and Master Instructor Mike Richardson at BAN's Diving resort.

shark conservation (3)

"Fin Loose" Sunshine & Ban's Diving SKT Festival Performance

DSC 7693 Copy F590x400Once again the Festival Performances were a HIT! Thanks to Rosemary Allen from The Film Co,  diving on Koh Tao for her time, patience and creativity for this performance. Sunshine Divers and sister school Ban's Diving Resort put on a Dance Performance from the hit single "FOOTLOOSE", although it was transformed to  "FINLOOSE" to help create awareness on how to protect the aquatic environment and the importance of buoyancy control. This performance is a yearly event and we hope that you will be able to join us next year at the Save Koh Tao Festival - 2013.



Mr. Koh Tao - 2012


Every year the Save Koh Tao Foundation co-ordinates most dive schools and local enterprises in creating and participating in a Festival to bring Awareness about the environment above and below the ocean. The Mr. and Miss Save Koh Tao Contest, was to increase awareness about Recycling, and how to Reuse products and to Reduce waste.

The aim is to encourage an Eco Friendly Environment, and emphasize reduction of use of plastic bottles (mostly water bottles)  plastic bags and straws.

Several dive centres participated in this event and representing Sunshine Divers was Manuel Tobolars ( our last years Eco Man). With the creativity and design from P. Wam who was last years designer and maker for Bans Diving Resort / Darawan Restaurant costumes, Manuel won this years contest. The Costume is the attire worn by a well known King of Thailand. It was made from coke can parts including the can caps, the helmet was made from Coconut, the body shield made from plastic bottles, and the undergarment was made from rice sacks. A lot of thought and detail went into this design. So Thank you P. Wam for your help.

P.Wam and Manuel

To Compliment his the outfit as part of the competition, Manuel had to discuss an item that was created to show ways on how to reuse items.Sarah Van Name put together a small garden that can be made from plastic egg containers, soil and plant seeds to produce herbs or small plants. This container is a great starting point for growing plants from scratch, and easy for anyone to do. Thank You to everyone for their participation in this event.

Coral Nursery Workshops

In Thailand, there are laws to protect corals everywhere including Marine Protected Areas (MPA's). Though hard to enforce, one of the laws forbids the moving of coral. After the massive coral bleaching event of 2010 here on Koh Tao, and around the world's tropical seas, local government decided to ask for help from different dive schools on Koh tao. Department of Marine and Coastal Resources (DMCR) and the Prince of Songkhla University decided to include SKT and participating dive schools in a program to promote the rehabilitation of coral reefs. Sunshine Dive Resort is one of the dive schools with special permission from the Thai government to work with coral and construct coral nurseries.

Recently, SKT's Chad Scott gave a Coral Nursery Techniques Workshop so that those participating dive schools could continue to educate their instructors and DMT's here were not here in 2010. The workshop was very thorough covering coral health, monitoring and growth. After the lecture the group actually building coral nurseries from wire and pvc pipes. Participating from Sunshine were David Scanlan, Tamara May, Sarah Van Name and Jacabo Sanchez.


Project Aware Ocean Page

Sunshine Divers continues to be at the forefront of environmental issues. As an Eco Operator, we make it our mission to implement environmental practices and to provide our customers with experiences to enhance visitor awareness, appreciation and understanding of the (underwater) environment. Sunshine Divers continue to work closely inline with Project AWARE (the dive industry's non profit organization dedicated to conserving underwater environments) and also 'SAVE KOH TAO' – a local organization concerned with local environmental issues. Sunshine team members are always present on the frequent Beach and Underwater clean ups, ready to lend a hand

Your friend, Sunshine Divers, has invited you to join a global movement of divers on My Ocean, Project AWARE's eco-networking site.

To become a member and to set up your profile, click the link below or paste it into the address bar of your browser.


Please join the movement.

Outstanding Support for Marine Conservation

Sunshine Divers contributed in 2011 to the Save Koh Tao Marine Branch through Clean up on Land and Underwater, Save Koh Tao Festival, Adopted Reef and Bouyancy World Projects on Koh Tao. In Recognition we were awarded the Outstanding Support for Marine Conservation Projects 2011. Along with 6 other schools on the island. Thanks to all Sunshine Staff and Guests for your efforts in preserving the environment.

100% Aware

Sunshine Divers is now 100% Aware. We provide Project Aware pic cards to all or our students and make a donation in their name. This money goes to giving sharks a fighting chance. Also those pics have a cool shark on them!


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