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Take Action and Join the Project Aware Movement with Assava Dive Resort.

At Assava Dive Resort we offer the AWARE Shark Conservation program which may be conducted in one or two days and includes learning about Sharks and how to we should interact with them, along with 2 open water dives.  Fortunately we are able to offer dives at a few dive sites where we have the opportunity to interact with Whalesharks and Black Tip Reef Sharks.

What you'll learn:

  • How to help our shark friends
  • Why Sharks are in peril and why we should care
  • The conservation status of sharks
  • The life history traits that make sharks vulnerable
  • The importance of Sharks to the marine ecosystems
  • How to manage threats and recognize values
  • The Key Management strategies to help protect sharks
  • The Value of Sharks to our local economies 
  • Removing common misperceptions of sharks that are a barrier to conservation.

Well done to our recently certified students for the AWARE Shark Specialty Conservation - Naglaya, Wouter, Ivy and Phillip with PADI Instructor Marcus Pinewald.

Ivy and Phillip