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The PADI Instructor Development Course as the acronym IDC represents, is the Development of each individual candidates skills and knowledge.  Although on completion of the Divemaster program - we all understand the fundamentals of how to be a responsible leader, demonstrate critical attributes for skills and be confident with rescue techniques, it is still necessary to understand how to recognize when beginner divers are ready to become independent divers.

The PADI Instructor Development Program is broken into segments to ensure that candidates learn both academic, confined and open water presentations, but again the IDC is a training ground to that of the Real World.  That is why the MSDT program, also known as the PADI Master Scuba Diver Training Program broadens the knowledge and skill of PADI Instructors - learning more about each Adventure Dives or Specialty options available to offer to new divers.

The PADI MSDT includes 5 or more specialties in the training, although to register with PADI on completion you will need only 5 specialties and 25 certifications. This is where the internship option is valuable. At Sunshine Divers, we offer the MSDT and Internship program together, so on completion of the PADI MSDT - candidates may continue with interning, (assisting on courses with experienced instructors - learning how to teach in a classroom, pool and open water with real students). During the training you will learn to follow a complete PADI Open Water Course structure ( group sizes will vary from 2 to up to 10 students, where you will team teach, and on completion obtain the course certifications, to add to your credentials. The internship program duration is really dependent on your time schedule and of course we would hope you would continue to obtain as many certifications for your ratings, but also the experience to help you teach independently with confidence in the future.

Congrats to Recent IDC Candidates : (Tyson Young, Tina Mueller, Sandy Wahrenberger, Galia Gazizova, Mike Drobynka, Remco Cornelisse)

Congrats to Recent MSDT & Internship Candidates: (Adam Fulcher, Thomas Geraghty, Ivan Alexis, Tyson Young, Galia Gazizova, Mike Droybnka)

IDC Candidates

Tina MuellerGalia GazizovaSandy WahrenbergerMike Drobynka

Remco CornelisseTyson Young