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The latest from our Instructor Development Center

The PADI Instructor Development Course entails several segments including Academic Presentations, Confined Presentation and Open Water Presentations.  Each of these segments are eventually evaluated by the PADI Examiners that travel worldwide to assess each instructor candidate on their skills.

At Sunshine Divers we prepare all candidates by conducting several presentations in each category. However on their final days prior to the PADI instructor examination we also have a Mock IE, whereby candidates are evaluated by a PADI Course Director or PADI Master Instructor and on some occasions PADI Regional Managers so that they already have an understanding on the structure of the examination and what to expect.

This past Mock IE was conducted at Bans Diving Resort pool facilities with Course Director Guillaume Fargues and PADI Regional Manager Tim Hunt.  It was a great day for Candidates - Sandy, Mike, Tina, Tyson, Galia, Remco (Sunshine Divers) and Par from (Bans Diving Resort) and Rich (Staff Instructor) to all get together and present their confined water skills.

  Instructor Development Course Sept 2012

Rich, Tim Hunt and Guillaume Fargues