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Koh Tao Community 22nd April 2017 Earth Day Event

A fantastic Day caring for our planet supported by the local community on Koh Tao.

Earth Day 1

Sunshine Divers Adopt the Reef Dive Site - Lighthouse Bay was our focus and majority collected was plastic bottles. We then continued to GreenRock dive site and found that there was little plastic yet more fishing line and netting around the pinnacles.


Earth Day 2

Thank you to the divers involved in helping with the land and underwater clean up followed by the evening festivities at Hacienda & Koh Tao Leisure Park, where money was raised toward creating a plastic free island, and recycling facility for the Koh Tao Community.

To find out more about project aware events please follow our link : http://www.projectaware.org/updates/earth-day-island-community-clean-22nd-april-2017