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Want to learn more about connecting items, lifting items and just in general how to tie KNOTS? The PADI Search and Recovery Specialty course, which is now incorporated in the PADI Divemaster Program as a workshop, helps teach you the basic knots that are useful when traveling or working on boats.

The Bowline, Sheet-bend and two-half hitches are useful knots for several situations. In particular when you need to attach a fender or a tyre to the side of the boat to prevent the boat from damages whilst docking.  Along with learning how to tie knots during the Search and Recovery Program you also learn several search patterns to find missing items. If these items are too heavy to lift we use special lifting devices to bring the object to the surface if it weighs more than 4 kg.

Rebecca practices the bowline knot during her Search and Recovery workshop of her Divemaster Program.

Rebecca practices the bowline knot for Search and Recovery Workshop